Private Equity

Private equity investments form an integral part of our investment strategy and portfolio asset allocations, and we also assist clients in the construction and management of tailor-made private equity programs.


First-Class Investment Opportunities

An extensive network, strong deal flow and an exhaustive due diligence process allows us to identify and provide our clients with access to first class investment opportunities, including new fund investments, secondaries, and direct co-investment opportunities.

Institutional-Quality Due Diligence

Each potential opportunity undergoes a rigorous, institutional-quality due diligence process, involving sophisticated analysis of the manager's value creation proposition, the managers capabilities and resources, and a comprehensive analysis of the investment opportunity and potential risks.

Optimised Portfolio Construction

To minimise risk and volatility of returns, portfolios are designed to ensure that an appropriate level of diversification across managers, strategies, industries, geographies and vintages is achieved, and that capital is deployed in the most efficient manner.

Portfolio Monitoring & Reporting

We develop close working partnerships with clear lines of communication with the managers we select - enabling us to be kept fully informed as to the progress of each and every investment.

In turn, we provide our clients with comprehensive quarterly portfolio reports including manager updates, cash flow forecasts, and detailed performance analysis at both the individual fund level and consolidated portfolio level.

Specialised Investment Focus

Though we access the full spectrum of managers, we believe that the best returns are ultimately achieved by investing with highly motivated teams that operate in inefficient markets. Our clients benefit from our ability to provide access to managers that:

  • Focus on attractive investment opportunities that are often “off the beaten path” – whilst avoiding over-heated and over-capitalised segments
  • Highly focused, experienced and proven teams whose interests are fully and correctly aligned
  • Have the right sized funds that match the market opportunity and can deploy capital as efficiently as possible