Our Background

The global private banking and wealth management market has undergone significant changes in recent years. Ever increasing conflicts of interest as banks are driven to generate more revenues to cover spiraling costs, and the continued standardisation of investment processes as they strive to service more clients with fewer resources - are in direct opposition to the best interests of their clients.

Though a dedicated family office may be an option for some, most clients even with sizeable investment assets have few alternatives for truly independent, objective and sophisticated asset management.

PeakView Private Investment Office was established in direct response to the increasing demand by wealthy individuals and family offices looking for an independent, strategic investment partner to help them oversee and manage their financial assets.

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We act as the in-house investment expertise for wealthy individuals and families, allowing them to regain control over the management of their investment assets and ensure that they are intimately aligned with their individual objectives and investment philosophies.

How We Work

In order to achieve this, we work with only a select number of private individuals and family offices to integrate professional-grade investment analysis, strategies, solutions and management into their investment processes.

Each client partnership is unique and our highly customised approach allows our clients to use only those elements of our service that complement their existing resources.

By partnering with the Private Investment Office, our clients regain control over their investments and benefit from professional investment management capabilities that they would otherwise be unable to implement on their own.

Our Principles


A close working partnership with each and every client is fundamental to the successful delivery of our service - we prize trust, integrity and confidence above all else in our relationships.


We are compensated purely for the advice and services we provide to our clients, by our clients - we do not manufacture products for sale, manage in-house funds for distribution, distribute financial products for a fee, share in transaction fees, or benefit from any form of compensation from the investment solutions we select.

Alignement of Interests

The only true measure of our success is the success of our clients. PeakView Private Investment Office exists for the sole purpose of helping our clients achieve their investment objectives - we have no other purpose and serve no other's interests.

Your Advisors

The management of sizeable wealth often requires the involvement of many parties working in unison. We work seamlessly with our client's other advisors including trustees, fiduciaries, accountants, custodians, and other specialised services. At all times, you can rely on our uncompromising discretion and instinctively tactful approach.


PeakView is a fully regulated member of the Organisme d'Autoregulation des Gerants de Patrimone (OAR-G), which is governed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.